In Wreathweaving the wreatheweavers of the Master promovendi, i.e. the companions, prepare the laurel wreath for the promovendi under the Official Wreathweaver’s guidance. The Wreathweaving takes place at the University’s main buiding in conjunction with the Act rehearsal.

In the Conferment Act, the Conferrer confers each of the master promovendi in turn by placing the wreaths on promovendi’s heads, and the newly conferred masters will wear their wreaths during the following dinner and ball. The Conferment Committee will prepare the wreaths of those promovendi participating alone.

The promovendi first escort their companions to the Conferment Act Rehearsal, and after the opening speeches, the promovendi themselves also proceed to the rehearsal.

Conferment Act Rehearsal

The Promovendi rehearse the choreographies on the day before the Conferment Act. Participating in the rehearsal is essential for all promovendi. The Doctor promovendi arrive directly to the Act Rehearsal and leave just before the Masters in order to proceed to the Swordwhetting.


The Doctors’ swords need to be sharpened before the Conferment Act. The Swordswhetting is normally immediately after the Act Rehearsal. In this event, the Doctor promovendi’s companions, the swordwhetters, spin a grindstone and the promovendi whet their swords. Traditionally during the event, the Doctors say a few celebratory words. To ensure a successful whetting, the grindstone is continuously basted with sparkling wine, the liquid manifestation of the spirit of the ceremony.

Wreathweaving and Swordwhetting Banquet Dinner

After the Wreathweaving and the Swordwhetting, the promovendi proceed to a banquet dinner with their companions.