Conferment Act

The Conferment Act is the main event of the Conferment Ceremony. The new Masters and Doctors will be given their degree in the ceremonial act of conferment. The Faculty chooses a senior professor to act as the Conferrer of Degrees.

Conferment Committee

Committee is responsible for organising the Conferment Ceremony. The committee is led by the Gratista (f.) or Gratisti (m.).

The Conferrer

The Conferrer confers or bestows the academic status of master or doctor on the promovendi. The Conferrer is the highest-ranking person in the Conferment Ceremony. In the 2022 Conferment Ceremony, the Conferrer is Anssi Peräkylä, Professor of Sociology.

Gratisti / Gratista

The Gratista (f.) or Gratisti (m.) is the chair of the Conferment Committee. In the 2022 Conferment Ceremony, the gratistas are Juuli Hilska, Laura Luoto and Rosa Salmivuori.

Head Marshal

The Head Marshal is in charge of the Marshals. In the 2022 Conferment Ceremony, the Head marshal is Assistant Professor of Social Work, Maija Jäppinen.

Honorary Doctors

The University honours distinguished scientists or influential members of society with the award of an Honorary Doctorate.

Jubilee masters and doctors

The 2022 Conferment Ceremony is the jubilee of the 1971 conferment ceremony.

Masters and doctors who took part in the Conferment Ceremony 50 years ago will be conferred the rank of jubilee master or doctor.


Marshals support the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal in their work. In addition, they provide guidance for guests during the ceremonies. Marshals can be recognized by their student caps and by wearing the student union’s or “Kannunvalajat’s” colored ribbons.

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies ensures that all ceremonial aspects of the events go smoothly. In the 2022 Conferment ceremony, the Master is Åsa von Schoultz, Professor of Political Science.


The conferment officials are the Conferrer of Degrees, the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal.

Official wreath-weaver

On Flower’s Day, the 13th of May, the promovendi meet in the morning to select the official wreath-weaver for the Conferment Ceremony. His/her duties include supervising the crafting of the laurel wreaths. The official wreath-weaver is selected from among the children of the professors of the Faculty. The official wreath-weaver symbolizes spring, youth and faith in the future

Primus, prima

The highest-ranking Master and Doctor are called the Primus/Prima.


The Latin name for the masters and doctors who will be awarded degrees in the ceremony. Promovendi will participate in the ceremony with their companion, who is also the wreath-weaver for masters. A companion participates in the  conferment dinner and other celebrations during the ceremonies. It is possible to participate in the Conferment Ceremony without a companion.


A companion of a doctor promovendus/a. Their duty is to sharpen the swords.


The wreath-weaver is a companion of a master promovendus/a. The wreath-weaver makes the master promovendus/a’s’ laurel wreath by tying or sewing the fresh leaves onto the wreath’s base. This is done under the instruction of the official wreath-weaver. The Conferment Committee will make the laurel wreaths for promovendi participating alone.

Ultimus Master, Ultima Master, Ultimus Doctor, Ultima Doctor

The second-highest ranking Master and Doctor are called Ultimus/Ultima.