The Conferment, or bestowment of the academic status of Master and Doctor to the promovendi, will take place in the Great Hall of the University of Helsinki. The Conferment Act begins with a procession of the promovendi, their companions and the guests. During the Act, the doctoral and the master seremonial questions and answers are heard, and the promovendi are conferred with their academic status, as are honorary doctors selected by the faculty. Masters and doctors conferred in the ceremony of 1971 receive the honorary title of Jubilee Master and Jubilee Doctor, respectively. The closest family members and the loved ones of the promovendi are welcome to attend the event as spectators.

Ecumenical Church Service

After the Conferment Act the participants move in procession to an ecumenical church service at Helsinki Cathedral. The church service is given by a preacher chosen specificially for the event.

Secular Service

Instead of the church service, the promovendi may choose to take part in the secular service. The secular service takes place at the same time as the church service and the procession is the same to both services. The secular service consists of speeches and musical performances.

Banquet Dinner

After the Promotion festives, a solemn banquet dinner is held.