Recovering from the exertions imposed by the Conferment Act necessitates an informal gathering in the Promotion Excursion. Details concerning the picnic will be updated here later. In the 2016 Promotion the Excursion was sailing, so enjoying good company and beautiful milieu is expected.

After the Excursion, clothes are changed and there are preparations for the evening’s Ball.

Dinner and Ball

The traditional Ball is held on the evening following the day of the Conferment Act. In addition to other ballroom dances, the Masters will dance the well-rehearsed Masters’ contra dance whereas the Doctors dance Doctors’ polonaise. Among the dances, dinner is enjoyed, and some speeches are held. The evening formally concludes with the Conferrer leaving, but the night continues with a procession in Helsinki’s summer night.

Nocturnal procession and breakfast

After the ball, the night continues with a procession around Helsinki. During the procession, speeches are given, and nocturnal surprises are encountered. The procession ends with greetings to the rising sun in the early hours of the following morning. Following sunrise, the participants proceed to breakfast, which concludes the celebrations.