Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer below, send your question via email:

Are you prepared for the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus in the Conferment Ceremony arrangements?

The Conferment Committee follows the situation actively together with the faculty, and we take the situation into account in the event arrangements.

Who can be conferred in the Conferment Ceremony?

Any person holding a Master’s or a Doctor’s degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki can participate in the Conferment Ceremony as a promovendus (person to be conferred), provided he or she hasn’t been conferred in an earlier conferment ceremony. Previously conferred Masters and Doctors may take part in some of the events of the Conferment Ceremony if they wish so, see below.

I have already participated the Conferment Ceremony once. Can I participate again?

It is only possible to take part in the Conferment Ceremony once per degree. An academic rank can only be conferred once. Nevertheless, you can participate in some of the Conferment Ceremony events. For more details, see the answer for the question “I was already conferred in a previous Conferment Ceremony, but I would like to participate again. Is this possible?”

I estimate that I am a Jubilee Master or Doctor. How can I participate in 2022?

As a Jubilee Master or Doctor, you are most welcome to participate in all events of the Conferment Ceremony! We will send out personal invitations to all Masters and Doctors conferred in the ceremony of 1971. In this spring’s Conferment Ceremony, the ones conferred 50 years ago will be granted the honorary title of Jubilee Master or Jubilee Doctor.

When must I submit my Master’s thesis for evaluation at the latest, so that I can attend the Conferment Ceremony?

We strongly recommend that you submit your thesis by 8th of March, so that it can be evaluated in the Faculty Council meeting 12th of April.

When I must graduate at the latest in order to be able to participate the Conferment Ceremony?

All Masters and Doctors whose degrees have been approved prior to the day of the Conferment Act on 20 May can take part in the ceremonial conferment of 2022. Certificates are delivered in approximately two to three weeks from the submission of the request for the certificate. During peak times in May–June and December as well as in holiday periods, the delivery may take longer. For more information, see Instructions for Students.

How can I register for the Conferment Ceremony?

The sign up starts in February 2022.

What is the Conferment Matricula and why do you collect information for it?

The Matricula is a listing of the promovendi that also acts as an official invitation to the Conferment Ceremony. The Matricula contains the ceremony program and personal details of the promovendi. The Matricula is the engram that will remain of the graduates of the Faculty of Social Sciences. That is why it is important to provide the requested information for its completion.

Can I participate in only some of the events of the Conferment Ceremony?

Of all the events of the Conferment Ceremony, it is only necessary to participate in the Conferment Act, but participation in all events is warmly recommended as the ceremony is a very holistic and comprehensive experience.

Can I participate in the Conferment Ceremony without a companion?

Yes. The ceremony will see many participants taking part without a companion, so there will be company.

Whom can I choose as my companion?

The companion need not be the promovendus’ spouse or partner, nor is the choice of the companion regulated in any other way. However, we do not recommend bringing an underaged

Can I register for the 2022 Conferment Ceremony in absentia?

Yes, you can, we will inform about this possibility upon the opening of the registration.

What should I wear in the Conferment Ceremony events?

You can find the dress codes from the dress codes and the dress code table. As a general rule, the events are formal ceremonies requiring either a white tie or a dress. Depending on the events, the white tie is used with either black or white waistcoat. The dress is black for the doctor promovendi and white for the master promovendi. In the Swordswhetting and Wreathweaving day, the dress code includes a knee-length or a floor-length colourful dress. In addition, the student cap is worn in some of the events. The doctor promovendi must have doctoral hat and sword. The doctors attending the Conferment Ceremony (doctor promovendi) should purchase these well ahead of time as their delivery might even take a few months. 

Can my relatives and close ones observe the Conferment Act?

There will be reserved seats for the relatives of promovendi from the Conferment Act, the Church Service, and the Secular Service. Probably there will be room for at least two relatives of each promovendus to observe the event.

Are photography and videography permitted during the events?

Recording of any kind is not permitted during the Conferment Act, the church service, and the secular event. Professional photographers will document these events and the material they produce will be available for all promovendi after the Conferment Ceremony

Because of my beliefs, I am not willing to attend the Church Service of the Conferment Ceremony. How do I act?

A Secular Service is organized in addition to the Church Service. More information will be sent out to those that have registered for the event.

Can I attend the Ball, if I’m not able to attend the dance rehearsals?

Attendance to the dance rehearsals is mandatory, if you are willing to participate the Doctors’ polonaise or Masters’ contra dance. Nevertheless, it is possible to attend the dances intended to the public, even without participating in the dance rehearsals.

I was already conferred in a previous Conferment Ceremony, but I would like to participate again. Is this possible?

Persons conferred in the previous Conferment Ceremonies of the Faculty of Social Sciences are warmly welcome to participate in the dinner and/or the ball following the Conferment Act. The registration to these events starts in March or April 2022 via an online form or directly to the Conferment Secretary. More information about the events and the registration will be announced in this page during March and April 2022.